Урок англійської мови у 6 класі шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови

Рівень А2 Higher Elementary

Тема: Історичні події у світі.

Підтема: Історичні легенди і оповідання з життя. Легенди про короля Артура

Мета: Вдосконалення навичок читання, говоріння і письма.

Активізація вивченої лексики у висловлюваннях учнів і при написанні творчої роботи.

Розвиток інтуїції і відчуття мови, вчитися логічно і послідовно викладати власні думки на письмі.

Виховувати інтерес до вивчення історії, до читання художніх творів на англійській мові.

Оснащення уроку: PPT презентація, музика: Ірландська сага, Пісня Time Machine, роздатковий матеріал, фрагмент із фільму “The First Knight”.


І. Greeting. (Music “ The Irish Saga”)

T.: You here the sounds of an unusual music, it takes us back to the times when the warriors returned to their castles and wanted to rest from their tiresome battles and wars. Today we’ll remember those wonderful stories of heroic exploits of brave and courageous knights, barons and charming ladies.

II. Presenting the plan of the lesson.

T.: As we are going to speak about those stormy days in the life of people, the plan of our lesson will also sound unusually.

(Try to predict(anticipate) what we are going to do in plain words)

SS: exchange ideas.

1.The Magic Sounds Lake  (Phonetics drills)

2. The Fluent Speech Flow  (Questions – Answers)

3. The Watching Pleasure Moments  (Watching Video)

4. The Song Bay- Jazz Chants    (Grammar Revision)

5. Mind Work  ( Discussing legends, doing exercises)

6. A Travelling Story  (Work in groups, retelling and combining)

7. The Song Bay- “Time Machine”  (Singing for pleasure and introduction to the topic)

8. The Writing Society  (Strategies for writing a story)

III. The Magic Sounds Lake 

Phonetics Drill

Proverbs: All is well that ends well

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Promise little but do much

Which proverb suits best our topic?

IV. The Fluent Speech Flow 

T.: Let’s recall all the legends and stories which we have read so far.

Beowulf, The Monster of Norland, The Ghost of the Highcliff House,

The Canterville Ghost and of Course the Legends of King Arthur.

And today we are going to speak about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

A Chain Questions-Answers: I say, Alex,…


1.Who was Merlin?

2. Why did he decide to help King Uther?

3. What was Uther’s dream?

4. What was Excalibur?

5. Why did Uther want to have Excalibur?

6. What was Uther’s  promise to Merlin?

7. Where did Merlin put little Arthur? Why?

8. Why did Arthur pull the sword out of the rock?

9. Why did Lady Guinevere come to King Arthur?

10. Who was Malagan? What did he want?

11. Who saved Guinevere?

12. Why did Arthur make Lancelot his First Knight?

V. The Watching Pleasure Moments 

Before watching task:

Have you seen the film “The First Knight”?

What is the film about?

Was it dangerous to take part in the jousts and why did the people participate in such events?

T.: We are going to watch a strip of the film showing  how the knights were competing to see who the strongest was.

Watching Video  Fragment «First Night»

Post-watching discussion:

SS: the warriors had many competitions and jousts;

They fought with swords and spears arrows and sticks ; they wanted to show to the king and the queen and others their strength, skills and courage.

VI.  Mind work: (ppt:Presentation  Legends about King Arthur and  the Knights of the Round  Table)

Describing Pictures, Fulfilling exercises, doing tasks)

VII. The Song Bay- Jazz Chants 

(The ones who made mistakes, take their places)

  1. Do you do to school?
  2. Is it winter now?
  3. Can you see the sun?
  4. Is it Monday today?
  5. Can you swim?
  6. Have you watched the movie about King Arthur?
  7. Is King Arthur a brave man?
  8. Did he love Guinevere?
  9. Did Beowulf die?
  10. Was Monster Talos very dangerous?
  11. Do you have Dancing lessons at gymnasium?
  12. Do you love gymnasium?
  1. A Travelling Story 

(Group work) the students are divided into three groups. One story is divided into three parts: the beginning, the middle part and the end.

Students read their own parts and work in changing groups)

At the end Students discuss the story within their groups.

Group 1 Let me introduce our speaker to you the speaker tells the whole story.

At the end we’ll compare all the three stories of the three groups.

  1. The Song Bay- “Time Machine”
    1. Time machine,

               Let’s go back in time.

First stop was Ancient Greece,

Times of war and times of peace,

Mathematicians and _____

Socrates and Herodotos.

Next stop a long way from home,

I was in the streets of Ancient Rome.

The Coliseum in all its glory

The circus games was another story.

Columbus sailed from East to West,

America was born, you know the rest.

I saw the days of French revolution

The guillotine was no solution.

I saw times of darkness and times of light,

Politicians from the left and right,

World war I and World War II

An iron curtain between me and you.

I saw a man walking up in space

The Berlin Wall sink without a trace,

A world of robots and ___,

What’s the future for you and me?

 Time machine,

           Let’s go back in time.

Х. Стратегічне письмо Презентація Як писати твір.

Write a story, a legend, or a tale.

Writing strategies:


  1. Before you start, look at the key-words, choose the ones you need.
  2. Choose a real place or invent one.
  3. Decide if it is a fantastic or a real event.

Stage 2:

Use Linking words: one day, suddenly, then, the next day, when, but, and, in the end.

Stage 3:

Write in the Past Simple Tense

Stage 4: Draw a picture to illustrate your story.

You may use these words:

Castle,  armour,  cave , dragon,   knight,  lake,  monster,   sword,   treasure, fight, brave,  courageous 

ХІ. Пояснення домашнього завдання.

Складання плану домашнього твору.

Обговорення лексики.

ХІІ. Підсумки уроку. Коментар оцінок.

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